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Tv Repair Mumbai is your best choice for LCD, LED, and plasma TV repair in mahim East & West, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Urban TV sells refurbished TV’s, new Sony 4K TVs, and circuit boards. Unlike other mumbai TV shops, we will not charge you a diagnostic fee- just bring your TV in for a free estimate!

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What do we fix?

We fix LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Plasma TVs, specializing in the following brands:

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, Sony, Insignia, Hitachi, Sanyo, RCA, Polaroid, Element, Toshiba, JVC, Olevia, Akai, Haier, Maxent, Sigmac, Viore, Pioneer, Sharp, Sylvania, and Zenith.

Don't pay until your TV is fixed!

Here at Tv Repair Mumbai, we don't charge you for an estimate. We won't even charge you for parts until the job is done (unless the cost of parts exceeds ₹2500). This means most of the time you won't need to pay a cent until your TV is fully fixed and ready to go!

Why choose Tv Repair Mumbai for your TV service in mahim?

In-store or in-home service

Many big box stores ship your TV out-of-house (or more likely, out-of-state) to a separate repair facility. We operate our own service department here in our store. Not only that, our service technician can often make housecalls to diagnose and/or service your TV.

Component-level repair

Some TV repair shops simply choose to replace larger parts like circuit boards, even when the malfunction is limited to a small component on those boards. Our expert technician can actually fix the small component-level issues (like failing capacitors) that are actually making those parts defective. That often means a cheaper repair bill!

Choice parts

When a larger part like a circuit board does need to be replaced, some TV repair shops will employ used or factory-harvested parts. We choose to service your television with factory-rebuilt parts to ensure optimal performance and a longer operating life.

Seasoned expertise

Our dedicated, full-time TV technician has been with us for many years, and he undergoes extensive and continuous training to stay on top of the latest technology. He is factory-authorized to perform high-quality service on the industry’s top brands. If you have a question about your repair, you can call and actually talk to the person performing your repair. You can’t do that with other stores that ship out your TV for service somewhere else.

Warranty service

We service what we sell, which is one of the best reasons to buy your TV here at Tv Repair Mumbai. When you buy a Sony TV with us, we are your factory-authorized service center. Your TV stays right here in your community.

LED TV Repair in mahim

Common symptoms we fix:

  • No initial image on screen (no picture, but light indicating the unit is on)
  • Doesn't turn on at all
  • LED in the front shows the TV is on but there is no image or sound
  • TV turns on, sound works but no picture
  • LED in the front is blinking, and the image is not showing
  • TV turns on and then right back off
  • TV turns itself on and off constantly until unplugged
  • IR sensor board is not working, making the buttons on the TV and the remote useless
  • Sound is not working
  • Inputs are no longer working
  • Image appears really faint
  • Colors seem washed out or and solarized
  • TV turns off randomly or after a specific set of time
  • TV turns on but freezes
  • TV is stuck in color test pattern mode

LED TV Service Center in Mumbai

How do we operate?

  • Our prices for TV repair are lowest in mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • FREE estimates!
  • 6 month warranty on parts and labor included!
  • Excellent customer support 9769159111

Quality Television Repair Service in Mahim with an aim to offer the most affordable QUOTE

Is your TV Not Working? We Can Help.

Our Tv Repair Mahim Service has been running for ten years with over 25 years of experience with a team of 15 including certified engineers and friendly admin staff. We are a locally run business who understand how frustrating it can be when your television decides not to work as in most households hours are spent in front of the TV whether its for watching your favourite programme or if it's for playing on a gaming console, this is why we run on a ‘same day service scheme’ so we can come to you on the day you make the call. To take the hassle out of visiting our store we come to your home and complete the work on site; however in some cases the television may need to be taken to our workshop in order to fix it to the highest quality of standards. All parts we use have been surveyed to make sure they work to a high standard; we only buy the best TV parts through a variety of links from manufacturers.

We have been repairing televisions all across Mahim successfully for many years. We undertake both domestic and trade repairs. We are open for enquiries 7 days a week so call us now on 9769159111 or email us at Our Tv Repair Mumbai repairs come with a warranty so you can rest assured that you are using a repair organisation that provides a great overall service. We can repair any type of set regardless of age, size or brand. Call us now to book in your repair on 9769159111.

No Fix = No Fee - Qualified Engineers - All Makes & Models - Quick Turnaround

TV Repair Service Cost in Mahim

Type of ServiceApproximate Service Cost
InspectionRs.250 - 500
Installation / UninstallationRs.300 - 1,500
CRT TV RepairRs.500 - 1,000
LED/LCD/Plasma TVRs.750 - 3,500
TV Wall MountingRs. 400-600
Board RepairRs. 500 - 1000
Screen ReplacementRs: 700-1200

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you change the motherboard of TV?
  • If the motherboard of the TV is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, then it will be done.

  • Do you provide sony tv repair service?
  • Yes, our technician can repair all brands of TV including Samsung tv repair, LG tv repair, Vu tv repair, Philips tv repair, Onida tv repair and sony tv repair in Mahim.

  • Does Tv Repair Mumbai assist me in repairing plasma tv repair near me?
  • Yes, our technician do assist you with plasma tv repair for all major brands.

  • Will my led tv be fixed at my doorstep?
  • Tv Repair Mumbai offers TV repair home service in Mumbai our technician will service your led tv, lcd tv, plasma tv at your doorstep. Note - If the issue is minor TV repair home service in Mumbai will be applicable if the issue is major your TV will be taken to the service center for repair. Pickup and delivery are free of cost, we don’t charge you for that.

  • Do you repair the TV during the warranty period?
  • Yes. However, getting the service done may void your manufacturer’s warranty. If the repair isn’t covered under your warranty, it’s best to go ahead with our professionals.

  • Do you bring all the materials required for the LED TV repair in Mahim?
  • Yes, our professional will bring all the required materials to repair the TV.

  • Do you charge for inspection and diagnosis of the problem?
  • Yes, Rs. 200 is charged for inspection and diagnosis of the problem. However, it will be charged only if you don’t wish to avail the service. On availing the service, inspection charge will be waived off.

  • Do you sell TV spare parts?
  • No, we do not sell spare parts. Tv Repair Mumbai only provides professionals for repair of TVs. Spare parts required for these can either be acquired by you or the technician, as per your choice.

  • Do you change the display and IC of the TV?
  • If the display and IC of the TV are beyond repair and require to be replaced, then it will be done.

  • Can you repair the broken screen of my LED TV?
  • Broken TV screens can’t be repaired and will have to be replaced. Replacement of the screen costs almost close to the price of a new TV. It will be wiser to replace the TV with a new one instead of replacing the screen.

  • How do you decide the charges for LED TV repair in Mahim?
  • The charges are calculated based on the nature of the service and the skills required for completing the job.

  • If spare parts are required for the repair, do I need to pay for them in advance?
  • If the professional is supposed to buy the materials, then you need to pay the money in advance so that the professional can make payments with your money while buying the parts.

  • How do I reschedule my booking?
  • You can reschedule your booking by filling up contact form section on the website. You can also contact us on our customer care number 9769159111, or drop us a mail at

  • Which are your locations of services in mumbai?
  • our tv repair service locations in mumbai are Churchgate, Colaba, Marine Lines east & west, Charni Road east & west, Grant Road east & west, Mumbai Central east & west, Mahalaxmi east & west, Lowerparel east & west, Prabhadevi east & west, Dadar east & west, Matunga Road east & west, Mahim Junction east & west, Bandra east & west, Khar Road east & west, Santacruz east & west, Vile Parle east & west, Mahim east & west, Jogeshwari east & west, Goregaon east & west, Malad east & west, Kandivali east & west, Borivali east & west, Dahisar east & west, Mira Road east & west, Bhayander east & west, Naigaon east & west, Vasai east & west, Nalasopara east & west, Virar east & west, Mumbai CST east & west, Masjid bunder east & west, Sandhurst Road east & west, Byculla east & west, Chinchpokli east & west, Currey Road east & west, Parel east & west, Dadar east & west, Matunga east & west, Sion east & west, Kurla east & west, Vidyavihar east & west, Ghatkopar east & west, Vikroli east & west, Kanjurmarg east & west, Bhandup east & west, Nahur east & west, Mulund east & west, Thane east & west, Kalwa east & west, Mumbra east & west, Diva east & west, Dombivali east & west, Thakurli east & west, Kalyan east & west.

  • When Do i Need a TV Repair Service?
  • A TV, like any other appliance, needs maintenance and repair. It is an important source of entertainment and any problem with that can put you in a bad mood. Here are some common problems that a TV might face: Vertical or horizontal lines on TV, Poor picture quality, Problem with the power, box and power plugs, TV does not start , No sound or problem with the sound.

  • Can you Repair a Cracked TV Screen?
  • A cracked TV screen can not be repaired but it can be replaced. Irrespective of the brand of the TV, you find a replaceable screen easily with an expert TV repair person.

  • Waht Would a TV Repair Service Cost me in Mahim?
  • The cost of TV repair service depends on the specific problem and the brand/make. Average TV repair costs anywhere between Rs.1000-Rs.5000 just to give you a fair idea about how much cost you can incur.

  • What if i ignore a Minor TV Repairs?
  • A minor TV repair, if ignored, can cause a bigger problem. If you experience any issues with your television you should have it checked. TV Repair Mumbai offers technicians who give you FREE diagnostic advice.

  • Why does my tv need tv repair so often?
  • If your Television needs repairs often, it can be because it is too old and needs to be replaced. Often in such cases buying a new TV can be cheaper than getting it repaired often. If your TV is not old and is in warranty, we suggest you get it checked (or if need be replaced) by your dealer.

  • What kind of Tv do you repair in Mahim?
  • TV Repair Mumbai has technicians who can fix almost all kinds and brand of TV. LED, OLED, Plasma or LCD and and leading brands like Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony etc.

  • Is it safe to get my tv repaired by your technicians from mumbai?
  • Yes, it certainly is. Our technicians come with the assurance of quality and experience. All of them are experienced which makes it easy for you to trust them.

  • Do you also provide installation and deinstallation of TV?
  • Apart from repair services of your television, our technicians also provide installation of TV and deinstallation service of a TV in case you need one. We ensure that the TV is connected right and placed in the right position to make the TV watching experience a good one.

  • Should I buy a new TV or get the old one repaired?
  • Depending on your repair and the age of your TV, this decision can be taken. If you have booked a repair expert on TV Repair Mumbai and ask for their opinion, they will be able to advice you well on what you should do. If your TV is older than 10 years, it is always better to go for a new one!